Upcycling Candle Jars: Creative DIY Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Home

Upcycling Candle Jars: Creative DIY Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Home

Candles are a staple in many homes for their comforting scents and warm, inviting ambiance. However, once the wax has melted away, we're often left with empty candle jars that are destined for the rubbish. But wait! Before you dispose of those glass containers, consider upcycling them into something new and functional. Upcycling not only gives these jars a second life but also helps to reduce waste and promote a more sustainable lifestyle. In this blog post, we'll explore creative DIY ideas for upcycling candle jars, perfect for your eco-friendly home.


  1. Planters

Transform your empty candle jars into chic planters for small plants or succulents. Clean the jar thoroughly, removing any waxy residue, and add a layer of pebbles or small stones at the bottom to improve drainage. Fill the jar with potting compost and plant your favourite green friend. Voila! You've got a stylish and eco-friendly planter.


  1. Bathroom Storage

Candle jars make excellent storage containers for your bathroom essentials. Use them to hold cotton buds, cotton balls, or even toothbrushes. Add a personalised touch by painting the lids or wrapping the jars with twine or ribbon. Stack them on a shelf or vanity to create an organised and attractive display.


  1. Customised Vases

Flowers can brighten any space, and upcycled candle jars are perfect for creating unique, personalised vases. Paint the outside of the jar with glass paint or add decorative touches like lace, hessian, or washi tape. Fill with water and a beautiful bouquet, and you've got a charming, one-of-a-kind vase for your home.


  1. DIY Reed Diffuser

Turn your empty candle jar into a DIY reed diffuser to fill your home with your favourite scents. Simply clean the jar, fill it with a mixture of essential oils and a carrier oil (like sweet almond or jojoba oil), and add a few reed sticks. The reeds will absorb the oil and diffuse the scent throughout your space.


  1. Kitchen Storage

Organise your kitchen pantry by using candle jars to store dry goods like spices, grains, and baking ingredients. Label the jars with chalkboard paint or adhesive labels for easy identification. The airtight seal on most candle jars will keep your ingredients fresh and protected from moisture.


  1. Tea Light Holder

For a simple and elegant upcycling project, create a tea light holder from your old candle jar. Place a tea light candle at the bottom of the jar and surround it with decorative accents like pebbles, sand, or glass beads. Light the candle and enjoy the warm, flickering glow through the glass.


  1. Memory Jar

Capture and cherish your memories with a memory jar made from an upcycled candle container. Write special moments, milestones, or quotes on slips of paper and place them in the jar. Over time, the jar will fill up with precious memories, creating a heartfelt keepsake to treasure.


Upcycling candle jars is an easy and creative way to promote an eco-friendly home. With a little imagination and effort, these once discarded containers can be transformed into functional and stylish items for your household. So, the next time you finish a candle, consider giving its jar a new lease on life with one of these DIY ideas. Happy upcycling!