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Rosemary Tealights - Set Of 10


Renowned for its powerful, refreshing herbaceous scent, these Rosemary scented tealights are a classic fragrance every home should have. Cool and crisp, yet packed full of aroma, you’ll never tire of these tealights uplifting incense. Use it in your conservatory to bring the freshness of outdoors, indoors. 

    • Set of 10 soy wax tea lights - burn time of 3+ hours per tea light!
    • Handmade in the UK by leading artisans
    • Clean, even burn
Product Details


  • 100% vegan friendly
  • Scents are all IFRA and RIFM compliant
  • Paraben free


  • Hand-poured in the UK by leading artisans
  • Made from high-quality soy wax
  • Cotton wick provides a smoke-free burn
  • Only the finest essential oils
  • Containers are moulded and not blown, to provide a thicker wall


  • Never burn your candles for more than 4 hours at a time
  • Do not leave unattended whilst lit
  • Stay away from flammable objects & open windows when burning your candle

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Free Personalisation

At Helm London, we believe that the simple act of lighting a candle holds the power to create an ambiance of warmth, comfort, and connection.

With our personalised name labels, we aim to elevate this experience by adding a touch of individuality and sentimentality to your moments of relaxation and self-care. Our customised candles serve as an extension of your identity and a reflection of your personal style.

Whether you're gifting a bespoke candle to a loved one or crafting a signature scent for yourself, the inclusion of a name label enhances the emotional connection to the candle, making each flicker of the flame feel more intimate and meaningful. Embrace the allure of personalised candles and let Helm London illuminate your most cherished memories and spaces with an exclusive, personalised touch.

What Makes A Candle Not Vegan?

Candles, seemingly innocent home accessories, often harbor non-vegan ingredients, which remain unbeknownst to many. The primary culprit: stearic acid, derived from animal fats, particularly in traditional paraffin candles.

This hidden exploitation of animal byproducts not only compromises vegans' ethical values, but also perpetuates the negative environmental impacts of animal agriculture.

Embracing vegan candles, crafted from plant-based waxes like soy, is a vital step in promoting a cruelty-free, eco-conscious lifestyle, whilst making our homes the beautiful safe haven that we all love.

Are Soy Candles Pet Friendly?

Soy scented candles have become a popular alternative to traditional paraffin wax candles due to their eco-friendly and sustainable nature. But are they safe for our furry friends?

The answer thankfully is yes, soy candles are pet friendly. They produce less soot and release fewer toxins compared to paraffin candles, which can help maintain a healthier indoor air quality for pets.

However, please bear in mind that essential oils can make your pets unwell if they consume them. To keep your pets safe, always maintain proper candle safety measures like ensuring good ventilation, keeping candles out of reach of pets, and never leaving candles unattended.

Can Candles Help Me To Reduce Stress & Anxiety?

The therapeutic benefits of essential oils in soy candles cannot be understated. These natural, eco-friendly candles seamlessly blend plant-based soy wax with pure essential oils to create a calming atmosphere.

As the candles burn, they gently release aroma compounds, promoting relaxation and stress relief. The low melting point of soy wax ensures slow, even burning, prolonging the exposure to the soothing scents.

Essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile have been proven to reduce anxiety and induce tranquility. Try our wide range of soy candles to transform your space into a serene sanctuary for ultimate relaxation.